Dunlop SP Winter Sport 5 225/40R18 92V available in Carnaby

225/40R18 92V WINTER SPT 5 XL MFS Winter tyre XL


SP Winter Sport 5

225/40R18 92V WINTER SPT 5 XL MFS

The grip your SUV needs on unforeseen winter roads
Fully fitted price: £151.00


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Supreme lateral grip on slippery surfaces

Innovative angled center sipes increase in length and improve their ability to open and grab onto surfaces, ensuring excellent lateral grip on slippery winter roads.

Enhanced performance on snow-covered roads

Featuring an increased number of blocks, the Winter Sport 5 provides additional edges in contact with the road's surface, awarding you superior traction and performance on snow.

Aquaplaning defense

Deeper grooves in the tire tread allow the Winter Sport 5 to evacuate larger quantities of water and slush, reducing the risk of aquaplaning and helping you maintain control on wet roads.

Fuel effciency

With the unique Winter Sport 5 design, weight is optimally distributed throughout the tire, resulting in a lower rolling resistance and giving you greater fuel efficiency.





V (Max Speed: 149mph)

92 (Max Load: 630kg)